Former major castle of Corsione

Address Piazza Castello, 14020 Corsione AT, Italia

The first secure historical act is from 1156 (December 20) by which Pope Adrian IV recognized the possessions of the Cathedral of Asti, including 'two parts of the major castle of Corsione'.

It can thus be inferred that over time, Corsione was not uniquely located, but spread over the hills that make up its municipal territory: for example, if, as it seems, from a part of the major castle would have been obtained the present parish church, it can be assumed that there existed a minor fortification located on a small hill adjacent to the built-up area, on which, moreover, stands a small church, called 'dell'Aniceto', which in all sources is described as very ancient, situated opposite a building of a defensive character, on whose foundations would now stand the farmstead called Colombaro.


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